No HDR just badass real photographers-quality

Wheter small art or on the big stage, we are prepared to do the best picture ... that's our pretention!


Everything that matters about photography is the area of Sebastian Köhli


core areas

  • sports
  • reportage
  • landscapes (topography & geomorphology)
  • portraits
  • video cutting

art photography & video

Everything that matters about video recording and cutting is the area of Cane Harry


core areas

  • recording
  • cut
  • arts photography
  • music

studio, action, sports photography and reportages

In matters of photography our first matter is quality, light, planning and high quality hardware. In consequence we don't want to edit your pics to a higher level, we shoot them on a higher level. Because of that we work in matters of reportages always as a bundle. Like this we can shoot a scene from different perspectives or we can better optimize one.


Because requirements develop out of wishes, pricing is nothing you can just put on a list. The duration, quantity, quality, preparation, editing... the effort differs in each project. What means in consequence ...


If you want to kow which fee we can offer you, just contact us.


Our focus are music videos with art character, image clips for ventures, clubs and all kind of groups. Here some examples: