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Content management I

  • Good content is the core of a website. In the last years quality content has developed to the number one ranking reason for Google-research-algorithm. As well interesting and inspiring content makes your customers love and buy your products.
  • Encouraging content is made by good teams, wich are content-experts and like what they do. And we love what we do from SEO, keywordplanning, texting to video editing. When our (organic) work is done every search engine will rank your website higher. Knowledge of controlling, XML, (X)HTML, CSS, PHP and Java.Script are the basline to reach for those aims.
  • Having built a stable base, we hunt for high value backlinks, start SEM and will improve your Ciicks-per-Coin rate, cohort-results-analysis and website activity included.

    We restructure you website (if needed) and make people love your products and venture!

content marketing  II

  • Is named the second step - which doesn't do the job without the first step. In consequence content marketing is only effective with good and clear content. Like this your visitors will find an interesting page to scroll and read their personal way through your page.
  • Creative growth-hacking, SMM (by Youtube-Stars, Instagram, Facebook), Affiliates and E-Mail marketing (highest rate of ROI) are used to make your website more visible. We create sales teams for that matter, and conduct SEM campaigns via AdWords and AdSense.
  • Your wishes, products and ideas lead our working sessions. Lateral thinking combines them with new marketing channels and trends. That's the way we work.

project management (III)

  • Project management and database-architecture is no need, but for some industry projects I drove, it was very important. As we check the products and your know-how we get very deep in the materia of production processes. In consequence it seems logic to store this knowledge about your hands-on production in an internal database. Like this new heads and workers can learn faster what matters to you. Additive your deciders can faster identify problems...
    Our databases are all Server-stored (progged with MySQL) and constructed by specialized extern ventures (for better pricing reasons).
  • Normally a small team of intern experts assists the editors to assure the quality of the content. Like this the hands-on tipps and tricks are saved for the future: so you will no more losing know-how in the future.

Successful projects 2015/16


Consulting: Förderverein Engelsberg e.V. (Landschaftsmanagement)


Sebastian Köhli (2015): 2. Preis für Fotografie der Sportjournalisten des SBP


Datenbankprojektierung & Consulting, Projekt: ZAK Know-how (MYT-Umwelttechnologie)





Head of Marketing & Sales - Algorizk GmbH Frankreich/ Deutschland



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